Going into Fall 2016

We have finally begun to settle in to all things Hot Springs. I have joined the Artists' Workshop Gallery on Central Avenue downtown and begun to sell photographs -- take a look at the "New Photographs." I was also selected to join the Arts Advisory Committee of the City of Hot Springs. 

I have been quite active this presidential campaign season, with a number of Letters to the Editor in our local Sentinel Record, and a few in the state paper, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. My pro-Hillary -- anti-Trump campaign is never-ending, especially here in Arkansas. It is a constant struggle to keep the facts straight and the fibbery revealed. Anne has volunteered with the Garland County Democratic Party. 

I recognize that I live in a Democratic bubble -- I only know 6 Republicans. Two are on the verge of voting for Hillary, one is quite anti-Trump, one cherry picks the Bible, and two I just don't understand. 

I look forward to peace and harmony.