Winter in Hot Springs

It has been awhile. We are getting accustomed to living in a log home, though the battle with squirrels is approaching relentless. A new fence has given Sofie and Jake some controlled running room. And the archery range has been working great, though I am keeping to 20 yards rather than 30 at this point. 

Photography is not on the hearts and minds of many in Hot Springs. I regularly have work at the Fine Arts Center here, a very modest operation that is facing a lot of challenges. I will remain hopeful, at least for a while. An art fair in Hot Springs occurs in May, and I will bring out the booth for one more attempt. 

I sold my electric piano in Virginia, and I miss it. So, I bought a Roland F20 from our friends Shelton and Victoria who have a music store in El Dorado. I will turn my attention to the Bob Marley piano book I have, and of course the usual gospels and old time tunes. To fill some amusing time, I am beginning to put parts of my postcard collection on eBay. Currently, I have a selection of movie theaters and one of Old Orchard Beach. I will soon prepare the 1939-40 New York World's Fair group. 

All for now.