Concluding the small town experience

Since our arrival in Camden, Arkansas in December 2013, we had been living with Anne’s mother. In October we moved to more spacious quarters for ourselves and our dog Sofie (550 Berg Avenue, Camden 71701). Having completed the family business that brought us here, we are now beginning to make plans for our next sojourn, a move to New Orleans.

We plan to make the move sometime in the spring – I suspect not in time for Mardi Gras, but possibly in time for Jazz Fest in March. My mother is delighted.

We still mourn the passing of our vizsla Niko this fall. Those of you who knew us in Virginia likely knew Niko well. He was a wonderful, slightly eccentric boy. We are grateful that he suffered little and died quietly in his sleep of natural causes.   

I am looking forward to our 50th high school class reunion for Newman School in March and likely heading up an effort to get everyone to respond to a reunion Facebook page. Despite some curiosity about seeing how everyone looks, I’m more interested in connecting my memory of who they were with who they are today. I’m fond of metamorphosis.