Starting off 2017

I can honestly say that my political acumen has been... faulty. Since I believe that words matter, it has been a particularly challenging time. I will embrace the tipping point and continue to seek the light at the end of the tunnel.

As for photography, I seem to have generated some interest with my approach to heightened color, as seen in RECENT COLOR. During November and December, I sold 15 works through the Artists' Workshop Gallery. That's very good for me, and exceptionally good for this challenging resident and tourist audience in Hot Springs.

In April, I will be a Featured Artist (along with my friend Tom Seaman) at AWG. At that time, I will first present debut a number of photographs from our trip to Thailand and Japan in November (specifically to Chiang Mai and Kyoto). My search for Zen moments found fulfillment in my embrace of Torii gates. (Yes, I know that Torii gates are Shinto, but I needed the metaphor none the less.) You can get a preview in NEW/ORIENT. 

Now awaiting my first exhibition rejections of 2017: from PhotoSpiva (all photo show at the Spiva Arts Center in Joplin, MO); from Focus 2017 at Perspective Gallery in Evanston IL; and the Delta at the Arkansas Arts Center. I await with bated breath (which, by the way, is not spelled "baited" and harkens back to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice).  

All for now. 

Going into Fall 2016

We have finally begun to settle in to all things Hot Springs. I have joined the Artists' Workshop Gallery on Central Avenue downtown and begun to sell photographs -- take a look at the "New Photographs." I was also selected to join the Arts Advisory Committee of the City of Hot Springs. 

I have been quite active this presidential campaign season, with a number of Letters to the Editor in our local Sentinel Record, and a few in the state paper, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. My pro-Hillary -- anti-Trump campaign is never-ending, especially here in Arkansas. It is a constant struggle to keep the facts straight and the fibbery revealed. Anne has volunteered with the Garland County Democratic Party. 

I recognize that I live in a Democratic bubble -- I only know 6 Republicans. Two are on the verge of voting for Hillary, one is quite anti-Trump, one cherry picks the Bible, and two I just don't understand. 

I look forward to peace and harmony. 

Winter in Hot Springs

It has been awhile. We are getting accustomed to living in a log home, though the battle with squirrels is approaching relentless. A new fence has given Sofie and Jake some controlled running room. And the archery range has been working great, though I am keeping to 20 yards rather than 30 at this point. 

Photography is not on the hearts and minds of many in Hot Springs. I regularly have work at the Fine Arts Center here, a very modest operation that is facing a lot of challenges. I will remain hopeful, at least for a while. An art fair in Hot Springs occurs in May, and I will bring out the booth for one more attempt. 

I sold my electric piano in Virginia, and I miss it. So, I bought a Roland F20 from our friends Shelton and Victoria who have a music store in El Dorado. I will turn my attention to the Bob Marley piano book I have, and of course the usual gospels and old time tunes. To fill some amusing time, I am beginning to put parts of my postcard collection on eBay. Currently, I have a selection of movie theaters and one of Old Orchard Beach. I will soon prepare the 1939-40 New York World's Fair group. 

All for now.  

Getting ready for Hot Springs

The time has come. Anne and I are moving to Hot Springs, Arkansas in the early spring. Though we had initially considered New Orleans, where I grew up, the city of Hot Springs offered great diversity. And we found a great home value, a 2600 square foot log cabin on an acre of land in the city. We are also hoping to add a new vizsla from Atlanta to our new home. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Concluding the small town experience

Since our arrival in Camden, Arkansas in December 2013, we had been living with Anne’s mother. In October we moved to more spacious quarters for ourselves and our dog Sofie (550 Berg Avenue, Camden 71701). Having completed the family business that brought us here, we are now beginning to make plans for our next sojourn, a move to New Orleans.

We plan to make the move sometime in the spring – I suspect not in time for Mardi Gras, but possibly in time for Jazz Fest in March. My mother is delighted.

We still mourn the passing of our vizsla Niko this fall. Those of you who knew us in Virginia likely knew Niko well. He was a wonderful, slightly eccentric boy. We are grateful that he suffered little and died quietly in his sleep of natural causes.   

I am looking forward to our 50th high school class reunion for Newman School in March and likely heading up an effort to get everyone to respond to a reunion Facebook page. Despite some curiosity about seeing how everyone looks, I’m more interested in connecting my memory of who they were with who they are today. I’m fond of metamorphosis.